Ōtepoti Theatre Lab

Established in 2019, Ōtepoti Theatre Lab is an Ōtepoti/Dunedin-based initiative focused on supporting the development of diverse theatre voices from the south of New Zealand.

We run two main programmes: the Ōtepoti Theatre Lab Playwright Programme and the Ōtepoti Theatre Lab Schools’ Programme. We also offer public workshops throughout the year.

Ōtepoti Theatre Lab Kaupapa:

  • Development opportunities and individualised support for new and emerging local theatre writers
  • Platform for Southern Aotearoa theatre stories
  • Partnerships with local and national arts organisations and practitioners
  • Fostering culture of development and dramaturgy


Prospect Park Productions was thrilled to premiere of Emily Duncan’s Le Sujet Parle, winner of Playmarket’s Plays for the Young (2014) and nominee for the prestigious Adam New Zealand Award 2019.

Translating to ‘the subject speaks,’ Le Sujet Parle consists of six diverse stories told from the perspective of six photographic subjects. Each explains their own truth, yet each has different views on how they have been ‘shot.’ The play was staged in Otago Museum‘s Beautiful Science Gallery, the world’s first laser-activated digital gallery, and was an immersive experience, weaving theatrical, technical, and artistic strands together.

Design: Stephen Kilroy

Cast: Kelly Hocking, Orion Carey-Clark, with Shannon Colbert



Winner: City of Literature Beyond Words Award in Association with UNESCO City of Literature, Dunedin Fringe 2018

Category Winner: Arts and Literature Category, Air Awards 2018

Commendable Achievement: Dunedin Theatre Awards 2018

We are proud to present Dark Dunedin: Heaven Looks On, a three-part thriller podcast, with a Gothic Dunedin as its beating heart. As you accompany the protagonist on her journey, you’ll discover – or re-discover – nostalgic, historic, and supernatural features of and in the city; the whoosh of Lamson pipes at Penroses Department Store, twinkling stars in the St James theatre, and Kēhua, sprites, and demons dancing under the moonlight in the Town Belt.

When a young woman’s body is discovered in the Dunedin Town Belt, Louise Hepburn finds herself haunted by both the case and her past. A single woman of middle age, she likes to believe that she is an invisible woman in the Edinburgh of the south.

Identified as a potential witness, Louise must now unlock the mystery, following different paths of light that pass through the prism of Ōtepoti, the place of the steep points at the bottom of the world.

Produced entirely in Dunedin with a star cast and original music, this project was launched as part of Dunedin Fringe Festival 2018, with a guided walk through the Dunedin town belt, and a few of the sites featured in the podcast. Otago Access Radio aired the podcast for the first time in its entirety on air 11 March, with the podcast becoming downloadable the following night.

Dark Dunedin: Heaven Looks On stars Julie Edwards, Dougal Stevenson, Phil Vaughan, Marama Grant, Robert Shand, Brian Kilkelly, Terry MacTavish, Matt Wilson, Margo Latton, Dimitri Latton, Cheryl Amos, Mark Neilson, Phoebe Smith, Lani Swann, Simon Anderson, and features original music by Marama Grant and Eliza Pickard.

Dark Dunedin has been made possible by massively appreciated assistance from Lesley Paris, Jeff Harford, and Dominic Angelo-Laloli at Otago Access Radio, Olveston Historic Home, Creative Communities (Dunedin), the Dunedin Fringe Festival 2018, and is proudly supported by Dunedin UNESCO City of Literature.


Also available via iTunes

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Emily Duncan

Emily Duncan is a Dunedin, New Zealand-based writer, actor and director.

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H-J Kilkelly

H-J Kilkelly is a Dunedin born and bred, Wellington-based producer.

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