“There’s a line in mine and Eloise’s life. Before… and after.”

Seven-year-old Eloise is travelling alone to visit her dad Dennis for the first time since he and her mum Karen separated. Karen is doing her best to cope, while Dennis is being… well, Dennis.

In the middle, Eloise is taking it all in and interpreting the dynamics in ways only a child can.

Emily Duncan’s award-winning play compassionately explores contemporary family issues and is touching and, at times, downright hilarious.

“The story is told with a wonderfully engaging sense of humour, drawing out the ironies of each situation without detracting from the poignancy.” – Foreword to Here/Now.

“The story: simple, direct and chillingly plausible.” – Landfall Review Online

Eloise in the Middle premiered to critical acclaim in September 2018, at Dunedin Public Art Gallery.